Monopoly GO Tips

Monopoly GO: The Latest and Useful Tips

In order to be the highest net-worth individual in Monopoly GO, you need some useful strategies in such a manner that you only have winnings on your way.

Keep Using Shields

The Shields act as crucial blockages and protect your earnings and empire from those who compete against you.  Having your Shields while being attacked will save you from damage by 50 percent and also protect your earnings from the attacker. You can store these Shields only for up to a maximum of three at a time. They do not generate on their own, and you need to collect them by landing on the Shield tiles on the board. Collecting them now!

Use Auto-Rolls Carefully

The Auto Roll mechanic in Monopoly GO is a helpful tool for completing boards faster. To use this feature, players need to simply press and hold the GO button. Instead of repeatedly tapping the GO button, Auto Roll automatically rolls out dice one after the other. This saves time and is probably the best way to make progress without manual intervention.  Although this option might look attractive especially, we advise you to use it more carefully. If not, you may end up in Jail. Always keep an eye on the board while rolling, and when you near the location of the Jail, choose to roll manually.

Spend Money Before Exiting

The only way you can avert bankruptcy is by spending all of your money before exiting the game. Stacking up the cash may land you in many risks. For instance, other players may enter your vicinity and rob you. The bank heist may take a toll on your gameplay. To minimize the losses, spend your money before exiting the game. When you do this, you limit the amount that can be seized from you. This effective trick works many times. 

Add Friends to Raise Community Chest Bonus

The Community Chest is a daily jackpot mini-game in Monopoly Go that offers a chance to earn rewards with your friends. To access this mini-game, you need to add at least five friends to the game using your exclusive invite link. Once you’ve added enough friends, you will be able to see a glowing blue chest in the top-left corner of the Monopoly Go board. It accumulates over time and offers a substantial amount of money, along with other rewards, such as Monopoly GO Stickers. The more friends you add to the game, the better the chest’s contents. This easy strategy will not let you down!

Complete Color Sets and Upgrade to Hotels

In Monopoly Go, a Color Set is a group of two to three same-color Property Tiles. Each completed Color Set grants one Wheel Spin. The Wheel contains rewards ranging from free dice rolls to sticker packs and cash. Additionally, you earn one Net Worth level per Hotel collected. For example, if the Color Set has three Hotels in it, your Net Worth will go up by three levels; if it has only two Hotels, it will increase by two. These upgrades help boost your income and net worth, making you a strong contender in the game.

Keep Landmarks Page Empty

Don’t build any landmarks until you have enough money to complete the board (or several boards). This will prevent people from performing shutdowns on your landmarks. If you look at the price to upgrade the first landmark on the left and multiply it by 100, that will be the amount of money you need to complete the entire board. When you start a brand new city, try to build all five buildings as soon as you get money.

Now that you know the top Monopoly GO tips, it’s time to start your gameplay. All the best!

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